Customers, Dealers and Suppliers child collections are dropped from Party entity (v.22, breaking change)

The following entities,

are promoted to aggregate roots.

This way, they can no longer be owned by another entity and as a result- all child collections of type Customers, Dealers or Suppliers are removed.

The only entity that has such child collections is the Parties entity.

What to do if this change affects me?

You just have to get the "collection" you need, referring its entity.

E.g. instead of this:

GET ~/General_Contacts_Parties(99344e29-5049-df11-a1e3-0018f3790817)?$expand=Customers($select=DEFAULT)

You should do this:

GET ~/Crm_Customers?$filter=Party eq 'General_Contacts_Parties(99344e29-5049-df11-a1e3-0018f3790817)'&$select=DEFAULT
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    Ivailo Kolchev

    Sorry, but does it mean that, for example, this Calculated attribute:

    Will have to be prepared for migration v.20-->v.22 by changing it’s “Starting Expression No:” from 5 to 10?

    Wouldn't that increase the time it takes to calculate it?

    Just asking.

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