File Manager improvements in version 2022

In this new version of the system, the File Manager is enhanced to support all file operations, not only Open and Save as. This includes Insert, Delete, Rename, Edit of the file notes and Edit of the group the particular file belongs to. 
Feel free to add new files to a folder with a simple drag and drop! When adding a file with a name that already exists in the folder, its name gets automatically changed to <Name>(X).<Ext>, where X is the next available number.
The maximum size of embedded files is limited to 50 MB. For larger files you can use external WEB repositories, while storing just a link (URL) to the external repository in the file system.
The file opening procedure is updated as well. The system automatically tracks for changes and the data is automatically updated when closing the file. This way, you can work with the files' contents the same way you would do that in a standard file system and this can greatly improve your work with the system.
Visualizing the files in groups and showing the file notes when searching is another implemented change in this version that will help you find the file you are looking for much faster and more easily.
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