Role-base views in the web client (v.22)

With our brand new web client we are making a fundamental change as to how the views in the system are being saved. Here is the summary of the key aspects of this change:
  • We only support role-based views. There will be no individual views. The whole web client view is being dictated by the role of the user accessing it.
  • If there is a particular user with a good justification for a personal view, then a role can be created specifically for that user to work around this corner case.
  • There is also a default role that is being applied if no other role is selected. It can also have a view.
  • The views can be customized only by admins or users with the new Global Layout Manager functional permission. This new permission can only be assigned through the Windows client for now. If the user doesn't have the needed rights, any changes they make to the view cannot be saved. 
This is a big change to our philosophy that we are making because the roles are taking a bigger part in the UX design and security today. With this change, individual customizations are harder to implement. However, controlling security is much easier, which is important when managing big groups of users.
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