How to use  "Exec Stats"

What is "Exec Stats"

Exec Stats is a log with statistics that show how long takes the operations executed on the server.

It might reveal the performance of various internal operations inside the server


 It is usually used:

  •  to monitor the general performance of the database. Helps to target:

- slow operations – procedures, generations, business rules

- not optimized or overused calculated attributes

  •  during investigations of performance problems related to:

- slow navigator loading

- calculated attributes

- slow operation of an external application

- any other server-measured operation


How to use it

* If you are using the Desktop Client

1. Pick a non-busy time in which you are the only one actively using the database

2. Go to Setup/Tools/Exec Stats


3. Clear the log using Functions/Clear Stats


4. Execute the slow operation again

5. Open Exec Stats again

6. Load the data using Home/Show Data



If you work with our team to investigate a problem you can export the data following these steps:

7. Click on any of the lines loaded in the navigator

8. Export the data using Data/Export to Excel


9. Attach the file to the ticket.


Analyze the data

  • Sort ascending by Total Time, no grouping, and look at the top 10 times
  • Filter by Remote Server Call and look for large server request times
  • Filter by DB and look for large SQL times
  • Filter by calculated attributes and see which attributes are the most time-consuming or are overused (Total Time, Avg Time, Count)
  • Filter by Business Rules to see which rules are the most time consuming
  • For the records with large Total Time, we look at whether they are due to many executions or if the average execution time is large
  • Sort ascending by Avg Time and look for suspiciously large times


Note: Generally, navigators loading takes a lot of time, so we exclude it from this type of analysis.

But if you are suspecting that the time it takes is too long, you can always track a single load in non-busy hours and analyze the data.

A common reason for large times is calculated attributes which may be shown (or even forgotten) in some of the users' views, but for users working with large reports.

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