Tax group determining algorithm

We changed our algorithm for determining the tax group when printing sales, invoices, and payments on fiscal devices.

Going forward, the tax group will depend not only on the tax group in the product type, as it has been so far, but from the deal type in the sales lines as well. The same product will be handled differently if it is being sold in Bulgaria or elsewhere.

For that purpose, we added a TaxCode field in the deal type definition of the sales lines. When we sell a product both in and outside of Bulgaria, in the product settings, the tax group in the product type must be 0 (zero). Then in the sales orders we can edit the tax group depending on the country where the product will be delivered:

  • for sales/deliveries in Bulgaria, we can apply groups from 1 to 4;
  • for sales/deliveries outside of Bulgaria, which require the issuance of a fiscal receipt, we can apply group 1.

More information on the changed algorithm you can find here:

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