Easy entry of initial availability in the WMS module (v23)

When starting work with the WMS module, one of the first things you need to do is enter the initial availability.

We know that this process could be complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, in version 23, we added two new functions that will help you ease and speed up the process. The first one loads the current availability from the Inventory module and the second one applies the reviewed availability to the WMS module.

1. Load the initial available balance

You can enter availability for a Warehouse in the WMS module by loading the current availability from an existing Store of the Inventory management module.

You can load it using the "Load initial available balance" UI function in the Warehouse definition. This function loads availability from the selected Store and creates Warehouse Orders the for the corresponding Warehouse.



2. Execute lines

The next step in entering the availabilities is the execution of warehouse order lines.

Once they are reviewed and the document is released, the information in them is applied to the Warehouse Availability using the "Execute lines" function.



More information on this new functionality you will find here.

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