Enhanced instance home screen (v23)

We enhanced the home screen of each instance to show more details:


So far you were only seeing basic information about the instance with the option to download it. Now,  by default, you will also see all the different web sites in that instance with their respective links and color coding of their status:

  • Green - if the site is working as expected, there is an open process and it replies on the periodic health checks
  • Red - if there is no open process and respectively the periodic health checks are not responding
  • Yellow - if there is an open process but the health checks are not (yet) responding. This may happen when the instance is starting

Hover your mouse on top of any red or yellow sites to get more information about the issue at hand.

If needed, you have the option to make some of the sites private and then they will not show up neither in auto-discovery, nor on the instance's home screen.

We will keep working on making this view better for you.

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