Defining user roles for “Enterprise Company” and “Company Location” (v.23)

In version 23, we’ve added the ability to assign different roles to users based on their enterprise company and company location. As a result, one user can have different permissions by selecting their role in a dropdown menu.
An important prerequisite for the feature to work is for the users definition to have the Roles panel enabled – this slider is now added as part of the standard settings.

In the new Roles section, a user can have one or more unique roles added for them to “play”. 
They will be tied to the enterprise company and company location the user is associated with.
A security mechanism was introduced to filter the list of available roles based on the values chosen for the Enterprise Company and Company Location fields. This way, only the most suitable entries will be shown for the Role field.
Users without predefined enterprise company and company location continue to have role access to all workplaces and departments.
More information on this new feature you can find here
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