Improved information panels during order execution in WMS Worker (v.23)

We implemented a bunch of new features to make our WMS Worker better, namely:
1. Ordeр line list - info button/action in the Order lines. It contains information not only on what has been ordered but also on what has been executed (if anything). 
Once clicked, it opens a new window with more details about the specific order line - like the full name and code of the product, lot, serial number, etc.
If the line has been executed, the window will also include an Executed section with more details on the execution.
2. Better grouped panel - on some screens like the ones for Location and Lot there is now a grouped panel for quick choice. It allows you to quickly choose from a list based on the sum of quantities.

In the case of Location, instead of selecting Location from the dropdown menu at the top, you can pick it from the grouped Location panel underneath based on the actual current quantities per location.
3. Detailed availability panel - it contains all the columns that can be found in the regular availability panels like product, lot, serial number, etc. It is helpful to guide the worker on site to a specific warehouse location if the automatic picking routing was not able to find a suitable location.
It can be used for quick value selection by clicking on the respective row (if it is allowed by the warehouse policies)
4. Info panel which shows how far you are in the current line execution. It shows the selected values on the previous execution steps.
5. An additional panel with more information on what has been executed for the line -  the product, lot, quantity in base measurement unit, etc.
6. A picture panel - shows the default picture set in Product Pictures. It helps avoiding errors by visually presenting the warehouse worker the needed information.
Stay tuned for even more improvements!
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