Replenishing a store with necessary product quantities for “Purchase Orders” (v.23)

In version 23, we’ve added a new feature in the Web Client – “Suggest replenish”. When users issue purchase orders, this will allow them to automatically generate lines for replenishing product quantities in a specific store that they’ve chosen. If a quantity is below a certain number, it will be increased until it reaches a maximum inventory base.

For quantity replenishment to work as expected, a specific product supply must be defined before issuing a purchase order.


Users need to go through each field carefully in order to enable automatic replenishing for product quantities later. Even a single mistake could undermine the feature.

Extra attention must be paid to defining the correct:

• procurement type (Buy)
• generate document type (Purchase Order)
• store (for which a replenishment will be made)
• order policy (OPS – Order Point System)

Once the product supply is saved, a new purchase order can be created from the Logistics -> Procurement module or an existing one can be opened.

The status of the document should be New, or in some cases – Firm planned.
In addition, the requested supplier, store and enterprise company must be matched by the ones defined in the product supply.

The Suggest replenish feature is accessible from within an existing purchase order document. When applied, it will make an analysis of the store’s current product quantities.


If the order has lines, they will be removed and new ones will be automatically generated for suggested product quantity replenishing.

With the help of Suggest replenish, in just a few steps, you can restore low product quantities to their base amounts while issuing your purchase orders!

Find more information on this new functionality here.

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