New Job - Delete old document versions (v.23)

We are pleased to inform you that in version 2023, we are introducing a new job type - Delete old document versions.

The purpose of this job is to delete records for document versions that are older than 60 months, starting from the oldest ones. The job can be started automatically or manually just like the other types of jobs.

Running the job will free up internal space in the ERP instances and slow down the volume’s growth. It can be very useful, especially if you have a lot of old records accumulated from the "old" document versioning system or if you keep using this system instead of the Track changes system.

This job will be automatically created in your database. That means that once the database is upgraded to version 2023 – a record for the job will be defined and it will be executеd in non-busy hours.

More precise information about the new job can be found here:

To find out more about “Jobs” and how to configure and execute them, please follow the link -

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