New business rule: All entities - Notify all object followers upon update (v.23)

OK, we've created a new business rule, but why are we dedicating a separate blog post to it?

Because this is a new kind of business rule, that drive deeper social interaction with you. This business rule is a typical example of achieving a remarkably complex result thanks to Social ERP and something that's a routine action - editing an object.

What does this business rule do, exactly?

The Rule send a notifications for all users whose following the updated object.

For example lets have a following situation:

User "Kristina Peycheva" follows a customer "Ivan Ivanov Ivanov". You can see that the star is filled in. It means this user already follows the object. 



Let's now update this customer from another user "Admin". The user "Admin" change the default payment therm days from 0 to 5 and then Save the changes.


This action will create a Notification for the user "Kristina Peycheva" and for all users following the customer "Ivan Ivanov Ivanov". The notification contains the subject "An object you are following has been updated" and then the display text of the updated object - "Ivan Ivanov Ivanov".



You can see the definition of the rule here:

For the needs of the rule, we also created a new notification class "Notify_All_Update". You can read more about it here: 

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