Multiple line discounts (v.23)

You can now create multiple discounts at different levels and apply them to sales order lines automatically, manually, or through user business rules.

The discount level is specified in each discount’s definition, and the level up to which the discounts will be automatically applied is determined in the price list's definition.

Only one discount per given level can be used on a sales order line at a time.

The platform combines in cascade the percentage values of all levels in the Line Standard Discount Percent field. This is how the final discount for the sales order lines is calculated.

You can specify three discount levels and have several discounts associated with each of them. The approach is entirely custom. Level 1 can be a discount based on a customer’s type, Level 2 could depend on a current promotion and Level 3 may be determined by specific conditions which don’t fall into the previous two categories.


With multiple line discounts, you save time and become more efficient at managing promotions in your sales orders!

Check out our technical guide for more information on how to set this up.

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