New features in the ERP web sites platform web sites configuration

You can now change or set specific settings in web sites. This includes both visual and functional configurations. The Client Center is one of the websites taking advantage of these new features.


Configurable settings

As an ERP customer using the Client Center in your business, you’re able to do the following:

  • Show or hide the module associated with the creation of new sales orders.

To prevent potential problems, you have the authority to restrict your clients’ ability to generate sales order documents. For customers using multiple Client Centers, this feature can be managed even more precisely.

  • Define the type of a new sales order document.

Orders created through the Client Center must not be confused or mix with orders generated in other instances of the platform. You can specify the exact type they’re going to be in accordance with your individual needs. This will allow you to

    • Easily track your order’s history and current status from the Client Center.
    • Easily generate comprehensive business analytics documents for your orders.


How to change settings

For the time being, you must configure Client Server web site settings using key-value pair JSON format in the respective section of the platform.

The template is as follows:


    "NewOrderDocumentType": "07c7ef2f-abc1-47d9-9d40-bc1e0acd1e7c",

    "IsNewOrderEnabled": true/false,


where NewOrderDocumentType takes the valid ID value of a new sales order


and IsNewOrderEnabled defines if the module for order creation will be accessible to your clients when they log into the system.

If we populate the fields with values,


    "NewOrderDocumentType": "07c7ef2f-abc1-47d9-9d40-bc1e0acd1e7c",

    "IsNewOrderEnabled": true,


based on this particular example, you should expect to see the sales order creation module available to your users, and the new document defined as a system type “Sales order”.


Automatic tracking

Whenever you apply or change settings in the Client Center, they’re tracked by the system in real-time and will be applied immediately.


Better error visualization

Whenever you encounter a problem in the platform, a relevant, easy-to-read and interactive error message will be shown explaining its nature and options for solution.


Planned future improvements

All web site’s settings will be managed in a separate Graphic Editor.

This will allow you to have a significantly optimized and entirely visual approach to how you interact with your web sites and clients.


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