Separate views by object category (v.23)

From version 23 onward, the Web Client will be able to separate the views for different document types based on their object category (OC). This field is a key element which can be shown or hidden from certain panels. When present, it will be possible to automatically apply it to the creation form of a new document or entity.

Object categories are self-defined and can further structure the fields of a given panel. For example, you can customize the Create and other sections for most document types by adding and removing object categories from them.

An important prerequisite for the feature to work is for the object category to be created in advance. However, not all entities support OCs. If they do support OCs, you will need to add them manually for the respective document or party. 

Separating views by object categories helps you to easily distinguish one type of document or entity from another! For more information, please refer to our technical guide.

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