Bonus programs - new bonus action: cascade discount (v.23)

We are pleased to inform you that in version 23, you can create bonus programs with a new action type – cascade discount.


So, now you can choose from three different types of bonus actions in the bonus program definition: product, discount, and cascade discount.

But what is the difference between "discount" and "cascade discount" bonus action? - This is the way the discount percent, specified in the bonus program, is applied in the sales order line.

If the bonus action is "Discount" – the bonus program discount percent will replace the standard discount percent in the sales order line. Therefore, the discount percentages from discount levels 1 to 3 (if any) will not be applied.


If the bonus action is "Cascade discount" – the discount percent from the bonus program will be applied in cascade after the standard discount percent, which is already calculated based on all the discount percentages from levels 1 to 3 (if any).


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