Multi-language reports (v.23)

Thanks to this change, reports can now be designed in multiple languages simultaneously. Previously, to support multiple languages, a separate report had to be designed in each language. Now, it is possible to specify translations for the labels in several languages within a single report.

We make settings for the localization of labels in the Localization editor, where we can set different values for Language. The created label texts for each added language are saved in a resource file linked to the report.



To enable the functionality, the LocalizeReport box must be checked.

There are two ways to use it:

1. In the ReportLanguage field to select the preferred language, for which label texts have already been saved. Then the report will be printed specifically in that language, regardless of the current system language.

2. In the ReportLanguage field to select Current. Then the report will be printed in the currently selected language of the system.


Localization affects labels and numeric fields, which are formatted according to the selected country and language.

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