Real-time notifications (v.23)

In version 2023, a notification tracking system has been introduced into the Web Client.
The bell button at the top-right corner of the screen now provides you with a real-time look of your latest notifications.

PC users will see pop-up toasts together with an updated number on the bell every time there’s a new system occurrence:



The system will display an incremented number on the bell icon for every new notification received:


Any browser can support this functionality as the system uses the Notifications API.

Mobile users will get a standard app notification:



Clicking on the notification will open the associated object.

To expand or collapse the Notifications pop-up, simply click the bell button once:



Keep track of the bell so you can never miss an important notification!

Check this other blog post for a little bit more context: Notifications system: Real-time events & notifications (v.23) – ERP.BG, and our technical guide: Notifications |  Tech Docs.

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