Report performance issues using Telemetry

Telemetry is a tool that automatically collects data from various sources such as Exec Stats, Remoting Log, Performance benchmarks, and others to measure performance.


When users have performance issues, they have to do the next steps to report the problem:

  1. Activate the telemetry - by clicking the "Collect Telemetry" button in the main navigation.5.png
  2. Do the slow activity.
  3. Stop the telemetry - by clicking the "Collect Telemetry" button again.
  4. Create a performance ticket in our ticketing platform.

When filing a performance ticket, the following data must be submitted:

  1. ERP instance name
  2. Exact time
  3. User name
  4. Description of the user's action

Please, ensure that when describing the user's action, you follow the guidelines outlined in step 1 - 3 in the following topic -

This will not only clarify your description but also help us grasp the core of the problem, enabling us to fix it more promptly.










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