Enhancing the Document Route setup process in the WEB client (v.24)

In previous versions, setting up document routes in the WEB client was a challenging task. Recognizing the need for improvement, we have made significant changes aimed at simplifying this process. Our goal is to make the setup as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Now, you can also configure document routes directly in the WEB client, providing greater flexibility and ease of use.

As the system has undergone some changes (Renamed namespaces for multiple entities in system (v24, breaking change) – ERP.BG), now you should reach panel Routes from module System  -> Document flow -> Document Types -> Routes, or through a Document type.


All the fields are customizable with the comfort of:

1. Multiselecting  


  •  several Process events can occur, according to the Document type
  •  choose more than one System state (Condition state bit mask)

2. Filtering of Condition user status and Destination user status according to the chosen Condition state (System state) of the parent and child documents.



Note that the filtering applies if only ONE Condition state is chosen. Otherwise the filed offers all User statuses defined to the Document type.

3. Adjusting templates for Generations – right click and activate the gear wheel or use the short keys 


4. Selecting condition filters  - right-click in the field or use the short-keys to be directed to a navigator.


One more feature to benefit from comes from the interaction between panels.

If you have set several User statuses, clicking on one of them in User statuses panel triggers a search in Routes panel to focus on the corresponding lines. 


For more information, please refer to our How to guide.   

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